Drought forces Powderhorn to reduce hours

By Press Release

With snowpack far below average at Powderhorn Mountain Resort, the continued drought has forced the return to a reduced Thursday through Sunday operating schedule to preserve current snowpack higher on the mountain.

The season-to-date running snowfall total at Powderhorn is 45 inches which is almost nine feet behind the 2016-17 season snowfall pace and nearly 15 feet below this point in the 2015-16 season. The resort's base depth is minimal as well. Powderhorn's current base depth is 16" which is approximately 25 percent of the resort's average base depth this time of year.

"Reducing our operating schedule has been an incredibly difficult decision but based on the minimal amount of natural snowfall this season, it has become necessary to preserve the current snowpack for higher traffic days of the week," said Sam Williams, general manager at Powderhorn. "We are striving to provide the best possible on-hill experience for our guests considering the current weather pattern we're experiencing."

For season pass holders who may not have visited the mountain as much as usual this season, Powderhorn is offering a bonus to those with current winter 2017-2018 passes in the form of a complimentary summer 2018 season pass.