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DT interleague champs | Golf

Photo by Wayne Crick Devil's Thumb Golf Club was this year's Interleague Men's Club champion. Teams from Gunnison-Dos Rios, Montrose-Cobble Creek, Ridgway-Divide Ranch, Cedaredge and Delta-Devil's Thumb competed for top honors. Members of Devil's Thumb Go

Information from Devil's Thumb Men's Club indicates a victory for Devil's Thumb in the recently played Men's Interleague Play championship for 2015.

Teams involved in the club tournament includes Cedaredge Golf Club, Cobble Creek Golf Community, Devil's Thumb Golf Club, Divide Ranch Golf Club and Dos Rios Golf Club.

This year's winners are from Devil's Thumb Golf Club. The Delta Club was the first-place team and had two of the top four twosomes. Team members from Devil's Thumb include Dennis Phillips and Jon Boyd, Cal Letey and Jimmy Retherford, Jim Timmerwilke and George Bock and Leland Chadwick and Dwain Bush.

Timmerwilke and Bock tied for first place with Dos Rios' Picaric and Spear in twosome play. Both teams shot a 62.

The third-place twosome came from Devil's Thumb players Phillips and Boyd, who shot a 63.

Fourth place came from Cedaredge's Claxton and Anderson with their 64.