East section of Crag Crest Trail closed

By Press Release

The U.S Forest Service, Grand Valley Ranger District has issued a temporary closure of the east end of the lower Crag Crest loop, Monday through Friday, through Aug. 25.

This closure will prohibit public access from the east trailhead at the Crag Crest Campground along the lower loop (NFST 711) to the intersection at Butts Lake/Bullfinch Reservoir #1. Portions of the Crag Crest trail will still be accessible from the west trailhead. The entire loop will be open on weekends.

This section is closed for public safety while heavy equipment is operating in the area constructing a temporary road and bridge for removal of beetle-effected and blowdown timber. The timber salvage will remove potentially hazardous fuels from an area with many summer cabins, and will improve overall forest health by opening the forest for new growth improving species and age class diversity.

The Forest Service encourages the public to be mindful of their surroundings while utilizing the trail, and provide a wide berth to crews and machinery.