Exciting news from DMEA

By Bob Page and Suzanne Hamilton

Dear Editor:

It is exciting to read that DMEA is moving forward to bring high speed Internet to our area. South Montrose County, Paonia and Orchard City appear to be the first recipients of this step into the future.

This will be the first step in attracting new businesses of all sort to our community. With the closing of the mines we need help enticing new enterprises to our area. We need new businesses to keep our citizens, especially our young people, employed and able to stay here if they choose to do so.

We understand this is the latest step in a very long process. We commend the leadership of the DMEA board over the last few years. Insightful board members like Nancy Hovde need to be thanked for their foresight and dedication to the future of Delta and Montrose counties.

Bob Page and
Suzanne Hamilton