Facebook post was not funny

By Gretchen Nicholoff

Dear Editor:

So, to "celebrate" Earth Day, an employee of the Delta County Health Department thought it would be cute to post on his Facebook page encouraging people to burn a tire. At least he did not say you should invite your neighbors and your grandkids to roast marshmallows over the glowing embers filled with noxious gasses. I, for one, find nothing at all funny in his post, especially as he works in the environmental health area. If he doesn't take environmental health seriously, then he should find some other line of work, maybe the private sector where burning tires might be acceptable, though that would be quite a stretch, as no reputable organization would ever condone such a thing, even in jest. No wonder people find our county insensitive to environmental matters. This man works for you, Delta County. I hope he makes our commissioners proud, but he makes me absolutely ill.

Gretchen Nicholoff
Former member
of Delta County Board of Health