Families enjoy night out

By Hank Lohmeyer

"Night on the Town" hosted by Surface Creek Valley Historical Society volunteers and friends is an event intended for families. The feeling of the event was like a big family picnic as everyone strolled, looked around, visited and enjoyed the activities as the evening progressed.

Some of the families participating raised the spirit of the occasion for everyone by donning period dress.

Children of the Randlett and LeMaster families of Cedaredge found cowboy and Indian costumes, along with pioneer gingham and a hooped skirt, enhanced the evening's fun.

The John and Brenda Harvey family of Cedar Mesa added an authentic flavor to the Pioneer Town event as they honored the "mountain man" tradition of the American West.

They contributed period dress, artifacts and handmade implements that were used in the daily life of the hardy explorers who opened the West to settlement.

The Harveys said they enjoy a family activity of participating in various rendezvous that are held in the mountain tradition. The rendezvous events are celebrations of the spirit of the mountain man era. But more than that, explained John Harvey, the events keep the culture alive by continuing the authentic living skills and crafts that people of the time used on a daily basis.