Farm improvements yield rebate

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Farm improvements yield rebate | Business, DMEA, Water

Photo submitted Rod Geiger, right, DMEA energy services specialist, and valley ag producer Randy Meaker illustrate the point with a big $2,875 rebate check. Meaker installed energy-saving equipment on his operation that qualified him for the "cash back" f

Delta-Montrose Electric Association recently issued its first ever variable speed drive rebate.

Randy Meaker of Montrose installed a 50-horsepower variable speed drive pump on his irrigation system, which resulted in a $2,350 rebate from DMEA.

Pumping water is often a major expense for area farms and ranches. Traditional irrigation pumping systems are designed to meet the maximum demands of flow and pressure. This means the pumps run at one speed and require a set capacity of energy to operate. As the name implies, variable speed drives can adjust speed, and therefore electricity consumption, to match the required workload.

"Variable speed drives control the speed of a motor, and ultimately, the amount of electricity used by that motor. You don't always need to run a motor on full throttle, which means that motor doesn't always require the maximum amount of energy to power it. Unlike traditional motors, variable speed drives provide the flexibility to adjust and save," said DMEA energy services supervisor Phil Zimmer.

"There is such a high demand on water, that I believe it is our job as a community to be more resourceful and efficient. I also hope this method of irrigation will inspire others to join me in preserving soil health for generations to come," said Meaker.

Meaker coupled his variable speed drive installation with a new premium efficient motor for an additional $525 rebate. In total, DMEA paid back $2,875 to Meaker for his efficiency efforts.

For more information on this and other DMEA rebate programs, contact the energy services department at 240-1217 or 240-1258.