Farm to Fiddle announces art show winners

By Press Release

The North Fork Valley Creative Coalition Board has announced the winners of the inaugural Farm to Fiddle Festival Art Show:

Best in Show ($200) -- Michael Cleverly for his stunning acrylic painting, "Barn on Bone Mesa"

People's Choice -- Susan Humphrey for her digital oil, "Embrace"

Amateur Class:

First ($75) -- Bill Althoff for his oil painting, "Dude Ranch"

Second -- Nancy Hilty for her photograph, "Praying Sunflower"

Third -- Beth Kinser for her woodcut print, "Las Vegas, New Mexico, 1890"

Advanced Class:

First ($100) -- Tracy Sternburg for her watercolor, "Standing Still"

Second -- Tina Rupp for her oil painting, "Bar Fight"

Third -- John Gilbert for his bear woodcarving

Honorable Mention -- H Cedar Keshet for her oil painting, "Orange Door Shed"

Professional Class:

First ($150) -- Lisa Ellison for her oil, "This is Why We Live Here"

Second -- JoEllis Sampson for her meticulously hand-crafted from start to finish Navajo Wedding Basket

Third -- Susan Humphrey for her digital oil, "Ancient"

The show attracted 63 entries and 21 artists. "I'm proud of all the artists who entered this beautiful show," said organizer Rita Clagett on behalf of the North Fork Valley Creative Coalition, which sponsored the show, and the Hotchkiss Creamery Arts Center, which hosted the show.

Hellman Motor Company in Delta provided most of the prize money and was a sponsor of Farm to Fiddle.

Judging was based in criteria including design, composition and values, balance and rhythm, technical skill and overall appeal. "There were so many beautiful pieces, very well done... and such variety," said judge and Crawford artist Kathy Steckel. "It was an honor and a challenge to judge. And our 'judging' really means little... it was just a small collection of opinions, at a certain time, on a certain day... a moment in time."

"I'm proud of all the artists who entered this beautiful show," said Clagett. "Your purchase of these artworks will support the artists, the Creamery, and the Creative Coalition."

The show runs through Aug. 27.