Fight for our Medicare

By Leslye Wick

Dear Editor:

President-elect Trump and Ryan are going after our Medicare. They want a voucher system. They want it privatized. I am against this. I believe a billionaire can write a check for his own health care bill, but we are footing his health care bill as well as his security. It seems to me we need to seriously fight this president elect. Going after Medicare is what the Bushes tried and tried to do. I believe it would be signing our own death certificates if we allow Trump and Ryan to go after our Medicare. Personally, I'd like the Democratic state of Colorado to sue Trump over the issue! Drain this man dry in the next four years. Let the people of Colorado let this man know what he is doing is wrong! I need my Medicare! Please write Hickenlooper, Bennet and others and let them know your views. This is so important for senior adults!

Leslye Wick