Garden club explores connection with nature

By Joan Chambers

What a wonderful experience the members of the Plant & Dig Garden Club had for our February meeting!

Kathleen Ray's program, "Awakening the Quiet Within" presented many ideas of how our connection with nature and our gardens helps us keep the cares of the world at bay. She gave many examples on how to do this, one of them being to hug a tree. Many of our members have done this and felt the energy transfer that occurs. The rest have been motivated to experience this.

We also talked about what our gardens meant to each of us, not only in the care and planting, but in a spiritual sense. This brought us closer together as friends, which is as important to our group as learning about gardening. Thank you, Kathleen, for bringing inspiration to us.

The March meeting will be held Friday, March 17. All club members will contribute individual experiences on how birds enhance our gardening experience, what migrating and native birds we see and enjoy in our gardens, share information regarding what trees, shrubs and plants attract birds to our garden and what we have learned about feeding them during the winter months. There are many bird watchers in our club which means there will be many good stories and tips that will be forthcoming.

The club invites all, men as well as women, who are interested in learning about all aspects of gardening, friendship and community service to join our club. We meet the third Friday of every month. For more information call 856-7077 or 856-3897.

Submitted by
Joan Chambers