Garden club learns about succulents

By Joan Chambers

Garden club learns about succulents | Cedaredge, Clubs, Plant & Dig Garden Club,

Photo submitted Members of the Plant and Dig Garden Club gathered in the home of Gloria Good in February to learn about succulents. Their March program will feature Jim Leser.

Sometimes life brings us pleasures beyond our expectations. That was certainly the case for our February meeting. Co-president Gloria Good conducted a great program on succulents, informing us of the many varieties in this group of plants. We learned how to plant and care for them successfully and what resources we could use if a problem arose. Then she handed each of us a jar planted with succulents and asked us to critique the plant as to what was good/bad about it. What a great learning experience this hands-on clinic was!

Gloria laid out long tables with all the components (containers of many sizes and shapes, charcoal to keep the pots fresh, special soil, many varieties of succulents both from her garden and purchased for her presentation, moss and pebbles for the topping, and special "wetting stones" for watering the planters successfully). Every member put together a succulent planter to take home. What a great reminder these will be for all members of a very special day and a very special program presented by a very special friend.

Our members are looking forward to the March program. Jim Leser will present a program entitled "A closer look at garden visitors." As always, we welcome Jim and his vast knowledge, knowing that our dedication to learning about gardening will be expanded by his presentation.

We invite anyone who shares our interest in all phases of gardening, our dedication to community service, friendship, and our commitment to promoting gardening through our scholarship fund to join or visit our meetings. These are the third Friday of every month. Learn more by calling 856-7077 or 856-3897.