Gas prices are out of line

By Ron Bell

Dear Editor:

The price of unleaded gas in Grand Junction has fallen to $2.40 per gallon. On Monday it was $2.70 per gallon in Delta. A local retailer said they stay with the price common to the area. The local area retailers are ripping us off and is there a little price fixing going on? The price of crude has dropped and hovered in the $2.45 per bbl range most of the summer but our retail prices went up at the same time and continue to be much higher locally than in other areas. We deserve to have prices nearly the same as Grand Junction! The 30-cent difference is way out of line!

And, there has been a steady creep in the price difference between grades. It was a steady 10 cents for many years, now it exceeds 20 cents in many places. Why? The quality has not changed. Again, another ripoff with no justification.

Ron Bell