Get the facts on air emissions

By Jes Eckhart

Dear Editor:

While most of the coverage of air emissions issues tends to focus on the more densely populated Denver Metro area, we on the Western Slope have a great deal of familiarity on the issue given our history of oil and gas development. That's why I'm hopeful the Colorado Oil & Gas Association's new "Clear the Air: The Facts on Climate, Emissions and Ozone" campaign maintains a statewide focus and serves to further dialogue on how we optimize our air quality everywhere. There's a lot of misinformation out there, and I think we'd all be well-served to use this as an opportunity to come together and find solutions that are not only effective in improving our air quality, but in keeping our statewide economy on a positive upward path. I applaud the industry for getting this conversation going.

Jes Eckhart
Grand Junction