GMES art teacher creates Christmas carousel

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GMES art teacher creates Christmas carousel | Grand Mesa Elementary School, Christmas

Photo submitted Inspired by the shape of the kiva at Garnet Mesa Elementary School, art teacher Bobbie Hutchison created a carousel.

A student at Garnet Mesa Elementary School was so impressed by the carousel created by art teacher Bobbie Hutchison, she interviewed her teacher for the DCI.

Student: What inspired you to create this beautiful carousel?

Mrs. Hutch: The shape of the kiva. I always thought it looked like a carousel.

Student: How did you make each part of the carousel?

Mrs. Hutch: It took two months to paint both sides of the horses.

Student: How long did you spend on making this?

Mrs. Hutch: Each horse took three to four hours.

Student: How did you tie this theme together with your student's artwork?

Mrs. Hutch: By making students color the horses and stripes on the back wall.

Student: How long have you worked at GMES?

Mrs. Hutch: 12 years.

Student: Do you like your job?

Mrs. Hutch: I love it! I adore it!

Student: Why do you decorate?

Mrs. Hutch: As a Christmas present to my students at Garnet Mesa Elementary School.