GMUG seeking forest plan ideas

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GMUG seeking forest plan ideas | GMUG, forest service

Photo by Hank Lohmeyer At Lincoln Elementary School last week, GMUG hosted its first public session for the new Forest Plan Revision process. Forest managers were on hand to answer questions, take public input, and guide users to an online site for questi

The Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, and Gunnison National Forest (GMUG) is seeking substantive comments from the public on its forest plan revision process.

Substantive comments provide factual information, professional opinion, or informed judgment that is relevant to the action being proposed. Substantive comments are specific, comparative, or solution oriented.A substantive comment goes beyond just expressing an opinion.

Comments such as, "The proposed action looks good" (example of a non-specific comment) are not substantive. Forest managers want to know why the proposed action looks good.

Substantive comments might include providing new information, identifying issues, providing the basis or rationale for an opinion, or identifying sources of credible research which could be considered for the environmental analysis.

Forest managers say the revision process is not a voting process. Comments are considered on the basis of content, not quantity.

The GMUG forest plan website can be found at

Plan where users will find an online tool and will be able to submit questions, add comments, and subscribe to an email list and newsletter.