Golf at "The Thumb"

By Press Release

Recent play at Devil's Thumb Golf Club included the sun-bathed Devil's Thumb Open (June 17-18) and the June 24th Elks Tournament.

In what was once a huge tournament played on the now-abandoned Cottonwood Golf Course, this year's version of the Delta Open tournament featured 38 participants. There were 19 players in Championship Flight play, 12 in First Flight and seven played in the Second Flight.

As play at Devil's Thumb continues the chances for a hole-in-one opportunities grow. Four golfers recently earned distinction for using just one stroke off the tee.

Sue Tyler recorded her ace on May 4 at number four, Chris Laurie used a seven iron at the same hole to find the hole off the tee on June 23.

Kenny Heinze used an eight-iron on 17 last week and Blake Reiher used a pitching wedge for the rare feat last week as well.

Photos of the winning golfers in the Devil's Thumb Open and recent hole-in-one shooters are found on this page.