Grateful for care at DCMH

By David and Karen Gallob

Dear Editor:

This letter concerns the Delta County Memorial Hospital. In February, Dave (Dr. Gallob at the Crawford Veterinary Clinic) had some serious surgery followed by a heck of a long hospital stay (33 days). From the time Dr. Brighton discovered his tumor until the day he was carefully released by Dr. McCrackin, a battalion of kind, competent health care professionals rallied around him to take him from a state of being one sick, soggy cookie to a guy who can now walk, eat, smile, and kid with his grandkids.

When we say battalion, we're not kidding -- we've been able to list over 60 great people, and this doesn't even include nurse anesthetists, phlebotomists, radiologists, and many of the others who made it all come together efficiently and successfully. These are busy people, but they were always welcoming to Dave's family and friends. Often they offered us juice or coffee, and always they tolerated our need to be underfoot and fuss over him, even as they focused in on the technicalities of what they had to do.

Our small community hospitals are underrated. It was invaluable to us to have such a good hospital, with such a good staff, available right here in the valley. We are very grateful for the care they gave Dave.

David and
Karen Gallob