Great American Smokeout is a great chance to quit tobacco

By Press Release

If you smoke, chances are you've thought about quitting. In fact, roughly 70 percent of smokers say they want to quit.

You've probably thought about several important reasons to quit: for your health, for your finances, for your family and friends. Still, a tobacco addiction is powerful, and quitting successfully can take multiple attempts.

The good news is there are a variety of free services and resources that can help. Nov. 19 marks the "Great American Smokeout."

Getting started is easy, just visit

This site provides you with information and free resources you can use, including a free mobile app -- the Quit and $ave app.

While improved health is a great benefit to quitting, there are many others -- including financial benefits. Did you know a pack-a-day smoker in Colorado spends about $35 a week on cigarettes?

The Colorado QuitLine at 1-800-QUIT-NOW is another great resource. The QuitLine offers free patches and personalized, confidential telephone and web-based support for smokers and their families.

For those who want help quitting via their phones, is a text message-based program that gives you instant support and coaching when you feel the urge to use tobacco, and for help close to home, talk to your health care provider or contact the Delta County Health Department at 874-2517.

The "Great American Smokeout" offers a great chance to make a plan, or begin an attempt, to quit. Quitting tobacco is the single biggest thing you can do to improve your health.