Gymkhana results July 5, 2017

By Press Release

The summer gymkhana series, hosted by the Surface Creek Saddle Club, continues every Wednesday evening. The results from June 28 are:

7 and Under

Barrels -- Zane Johns, first, 14.151; Payson Johns, second; Kash Greenhalgh, third.

Poles -- Zane Johns, first, 27.560; Payson Johns, second, Macy Medill, third.

Flags -- Zane Johns, first, 17.948; Macy Medill, second, Payson Johns, third.

Fun -- Zane Johns, first, 12.474; Macy Medill, second; Payson Johns, third.

8-13 Years

Barrels -- Taneal Braslin, first, 18.394; Logan Stillings, second; Macklynn Greenhalgh, third.

Poles -- Jesse Stillings, first, 22.323; Logan Stillings, second; Taneal Braslin, third.

Flags -- Kacie McCullum, first, 10.682; Taneal Braslin, second; Cassie Shoebridge, third.

Fun -- Jessie Stillings, first, 12.270; Taneal Braslin, second, Kacie McCollum, third.

14-18 Years

Barrels -- Kendall McHugh, first, 17.419; Jesica Baldwin, second; Mackenzie Kenyon, third.

Poles -- Kendall McHugh, first, 22.648; Jesica Baldwin, second; Kenda Faulkner, third.

Flags -- Mackenzie Kenyon, first, 9.103; Shay Hamilton, second; Kenda Faulkner, third.

Fun -- Kendall McHugh, first, 11.075; Jesica Baldwin, second; Whitney Woolley, third.


Barrels -- Sierra McHugh, first, 17.510; Jolene Medill, second; Jayden Braslin, third.

Poles -- Jayden Braslin, first; 24.637; Sierra McHugh, second; Jolene Medill, third.

Flags -- Sierra McHugh, first, 8.296; Jayden Braslin, second; Jolene Medill, third.

Fun -- Jayden Braslin, first, 14.523; Sierra McHugh, second.