Hanging Lake closure not justified

By Andy Anderson

Dear Editor:

The April 19 Daily Sentinel's first page story about "Vandals ruining it for everybody" is not correct. It's the Forest Service that is ruining it for everybody. It is the agency that is "taking it away from everybody."

The beautiful Hanging Lake area will be taken away from everybody, and everybody will be made to suffer. Not the vandals. No, the vandals won't suffer anything, they won't even be caught.

The rangers assigned to this area are paid a wage, by the public, in the form of taxes, to take care of this area. That's their job. No matter what that job might end up being (cleaning) -- that's their job, for that day.

Why does the area have to be closed off to the public while someone is cleaning it? We the public are capable enough, we can "walk around" the cleaners. The Forest Service's first reaction to this incident, closing it off to the public, is just not justified.

Andy Anderson