Harding is best choice for DMEA

By Les Renfrow

Dear Editor:

This letter is to recommend Brad Harding for the DMEA board of directors. During the years I have known Brad, I have seen that he has successfully operated and grown the First Colorado National Bank and has led the Delta County Economic Development, Inc., or DCED. Through Brad's effort, individuals, businesses and organizations came together to urge a reluctant DMEA board and staff to provide broadband service to our two counties. Thanks mainly to Brad, DMEA is preparing to provide us with fast, affordable Internet service. I say that as a person who served as DMEA's board president from 2004 to 2011, and who continues to follow DMEA closely.

Brad is a fifth-generation North Fork resident, whose father is still employed at a North Fork coal mine. So he is well acquainted with the challenges our counties face as the mines close. But while Brad mourns the tragic decline of our coal industry, he knows we must look ahead. And so he serves as a board member of Solar Energy International, a non-profit school with an eight-acre campus in Paonia that has equipped 45,000 people so far with solar industry skills.

Thank you for your favorable consideration of Brad Harding. Please join me in voting for Brad as the director for DMEA District #3.

Les Renfrow