Hatchery sends trout throughout the state

By Press Release

Hatchery sends trout throughout the state | Fish Hatchery, Hotchkiss,

Photo by Tamie Meck Workers at the Hotchkiss National Fish Hatchery scrub some of the many raceways where rainbow trout are raised. This year the hatchery will stock approximately 135,000 pounds of rainbow trout in reservoirs throughout western Colorado a

Here are the stocking numbers for the Hotchkiss National Fish Hatchery as of July.

March: Ridgway Reservoir - 9,885 9.5-inch; McPhee Reservoir - 14,035 9.8-inch; Heron Reservoir - 38,929 7.7-inch.

April: Blue Mesa Reservoir - 52,459 10.0-inch; Leadville National Fish Hatchery - 51,428 4.6-inch.

May: Lemon Reservoir - 11,500 7.6-inch; Silver Jack Reservoir - 17,233 7.8-inch; Ridgway Reservoir - 7,300 9.7-inch; Crawford Reservoir - 4,130 9.2-inch.

June: McPhee Reservoir - 14,715 9.8-inch; Monte Vista NWR Fishing Derby - 750 12.8-inch; Ute Indian Reservation - 9,755 10.0-inch; Hotchkiss NFH Fishing Derby - 1,250 12.8-inch.

July: Ute Indian Reservation - 7,331 9.1-inch; Animas River - 110,238 5.1-inch.

Total fish and weight stocked out this year to date: 350,938 rainbow trout for a total of 66,268 pounds.

Stocking to be completed:

August: Heron Reservoir - 40,000 8.0-inch.

September: Nighthorse Lake - 50,000 10.0 inch.

October: Blue Mesa Reservoir - 58,000 10.0 inch.

December: Navajo Reservoir - 65,000 8.0 inch.

By the end of the year the Hotchkiss NFH will have stocked out approximately 135,000 pounds of trout in western Colorado and northern New Mexico. Fish now on station are being raised for the 2016 season.