High-speed Internet brings hope for economy

By Shauna DeMoss

Dear Editor:

I was thrilled to see DMEA announce they are bringing quality, high-speed Internet to our area. It seems that within a very short time, Delta and Montrose county will conduct business at a competitive pace. Our area will now be able to attract and maintain industry and business geared to create jobs for the future.

I realize this accomplishment didn't happen overnight. I want to take a moment to acknowledge those who pressed the idea into fruition; among those is Nancy Hovde. It was under her leadership that DMEA caught the vision and began advancing toward availability of this very critical service. She oversaw the process of hiring a consultant to conduct a business plan and made sure the fiber optics were run to the substations, a very costly endeavor, while maintaining fiscal prudence.

I have been very concerned about the lack of certain opportunity for working-aged locals. High speed Internet will alleviate some of those worries. Once again, thank you to all those who had the insight and forethought to pave the way.

Shauna DeMoss