By Mike Mason

Dear Editor:

Thomas Wills' letter to the editor (10/14/15) didn't cite a single primary data source. He used the usual ad hominem attacks, i.e., climate deniers. I would accuse Wills of being a science denier. Does he deny the satellite temperature record? Again look at it! No global warming or cooling since 1979 (36 years). Looking at the satellite record -- neither this year nor 2014 has broken any records. That award goes to the Medieval Warm period when the Vikings settled Greenland in the 13th century.

There is so much disinformation in Wills' letter to the editor I can't cover it all but I will cover another scare tactic he and other science deniers use and that is that the current sea level rise of 3.2 mm/year (1/8 of an inch per year) will drown Miami by the end of the century or in 85 years. Maybe Tom has a crystal ball no one else has but 1/8 inch per year comes to about 10 inches in 85 years not 2 meters (6 1⁄2 feet) and there is no guarantee of that as we are overdue for another ice age. The current rate of ocean rise is slowing, not increasing as Tom would have you believe.

He does state one correct fact -- global warming equals climate change; likewise, NO global warming equals NO climate change. Let me be perfectly clear: satellite data shows unequivocally there has been no global warming at least since global temperatures and sea level have been measured by satellite, period. By the way, both are consistent with each other. No global warming, no ocean expansion, therefore the 1/8 inch per year sea level rise is entirely due to land ice melting in the Arctic and Antarctic. Yes, glaciers are melting, and have been melting nonstop for the last 16,000 years.

Why satellite data? Cities, also called heat islands with their asphalt, air conditioning and winter space heating, have contaminated many terrestrial temperature stations. Satellites see it all -- cities, vast plains and deserts and most of all the 75 percent of the planet that has insignificant human presence, the oceans. Satellite data is resistant to political manipulation, i.e., 2014 and 2015 hottest on record -- hockey stick fraud.

Mike Mason