Hooray for rusty old cars

By Jo-an Barnett

Dear Editor:

Hooray for old rusty cars​ on Main Street!​

Delt​a's ​new addition​ of a rusty car lot is certainly unique. A tribute to the collection of Orval Proctor, who has had a very successful business downtown for many years, Taco Time.

There is something great about old,​ like​ the longtime businesses in Delta that survived during the last years of a serious recession and loss of 500 well-paying mining jobs. Think about not only Taco Time, but Davis Clothing, Clubb's, the Egyptian Theater, Tara's, Delta Hardware, Hellman, Sissons, the Delta County Independent -- all hanging in there to serve you in tough times.

​It's interesting that years ago Delta was not able to raise money for a museum to house the donation of a car collection that went to Gunnison. Of course, there is a beautiful​ car museum at Gateway. But this is different. People even stop and take pictures.

If you go to the lot, look and listen intently...you just might hear an interesting story.

Congratulations to Delta City Council for allowing the rusty old cars. They warrant an article in a national magazine. Delta's Main Street continues to be one of the very best.

Jo-an Barnett