Hotchkiss rejects lone water tank bid

By Pat Sunderland

In her 35-year career with the Town of Hotchkiss, town clerk Marlene Searle said she's never seen the town accept a single bid for a project. Such was the case last week, when trustees rejected the only bid received for the Barrow Mesa water tank replacement project. Mayor Wendell Koontz politely thanked Ridgway Valley Enterprises for submitting that bid, but said the project would be re-bid, to assure competitive pricing and prudent use of taxpayer funds.

His announcement came after an executive session with attorney Bo Nerlin to discuss negotiations. The water tank project was the sole reason for a special trustee meeting on Feb. 28.

Staff was directed to rebid the project, this time in two parts -- one for piping (about a third of the cost) and one for the 500,000-gallon steel tank with an aluminum dome roof.

Bidders are invited to attend a meeting at Hotchkiss Town Hall Wednesday, March 21, at 1:30 p.m. to address questions and visit the site.

During the special meeting, trustees unanimously adopted an ordinance that pledges revenue from the town's water fund to the bond that is partially financing the project. The town has also received grants and loans to assist with the project.