Hotchkiss students complete gym mural

By Tamie Meck

Hotchkiss students complete gym mural | HHS, school,

Photo by Tamie Meck Hotchkiss High School senior art students, from left, Gabe Rodriguez, Josh Verdeja, Kayden Owens and Roggen Frick are the talent behind the newest mural to grace the gymnasium walls.

The last of a series of murals envisioned by Hotchkiss High School art teacher Jamie Roeber was recently completed.

Senior art students Kayden Owens, Roggen Frick, Josh Verdeja and Gabe Rodriguez decided on their own to paint the mural for their art class project. The mural is located above the section of bleachers designated for students. Roeber said she's been pushing for a mural to be painted on that spot for the last five years, but until this year, no one was interested in taking on the project.

Frick designed the mural on Photoshop, said Roeber, who painted the other murals on the gym walls beginning in 2010. They incorporated the HHS red, white and gray colors into the design, and Verdeja, Owens and Rodriguez worked to refine it. The image was then projected on the wall, and the students took about three weeks to paint it.

The four artists, all of whom signed their names to the piece, said they were happy to on the project. "We'd rather do a big art project than a bunch of little ones," said Frick.