April 20, 2014

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County adopts 2013 budget

2012 is winding down and 2013 begins a whole new budget year for Delta County. The Delta Board of County Commissioners adopted the 2013 budget on Dec. 17.

The financial operations of the county are accounted for in funds in accordance with Colorado state law and the resolutions of the incumbent Board of County Commissioners and previous boards. Each fund is a separate and legal fiscal entity. The combination of the various funds determines the total county budget.

Revenues for Delta County come from sales tax, property tax, Highway Users Tax Fund, federal mineral leasing funds and severance tax. Federal mineral leasing funds are paid on coal production on federal lands in Delta County and severance taxes paid by the coal mines.

County property tax revenue comes from:

Residential 46.67%
Commercial 20.15%
Agricultural 13.45%
State Assessed 9.41%
Natural Resources 6.01%
Industrial 1.44%
Other Vacant Lands 2.87%

Property tax dollars pay for schools, roads, fire and police protection and other public services. The breakdown is as follows:

Schools 49.80%
County 26.19%
Special Districts 22.28%
Towns 1.73%
(Source: Revenues collected in 2012)

Highway Users Tax Funds revenues are used exclusively for the maintenance and construction of all county roads, bridges and rights-of-ways within Delta County.

The county has two Enterprise Funds to account for operations that are financed and operated in a manner similar to private business, with the intent that the costs of goods and services are financed or recovered through user fees:

The Landfill/Integrated Solid Waste Operations Fund accounts for revenues received to maintain the Adobe Buttes Landfill, the North Fork Transfer station and integrated solid waste programs, e.g. recycling program.

E-911 Fund is funded with the E-911 surcharge that is charged on monthly land line and cell phone telephone bills. The funds cover the costs associated with providing E-911 services throughout Delta County.

For more information on the Delta County budget, or services provided by the county, visit the website at www.deltacounty.com.

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