It's best to prevent problems

By Robert I. Laitres

Dear Editor:

One can very clearly see the difference in perspective if one compares the contents of my previous letter demanding condemnation of white supremacists and fascists openly demonstrating in our city streets, proclaiming white supremacy, advocating fascism, advocating antisemitism, and Mr. Locke's irritation at NFL football players "taking the knee" during the national anthem. That is what happens when people become more concerned with tokens such as flags, patriotic songs or other so-called "patriotic" sounding recitations such as the pledge of allegiance by rote. Those do not promote patriotism but ultra-nationalism.

Mr. Locke then states that as they are "highly educated college graduates" they might do better to seek another way of doing "good works." Perhaps it is because they are "better educated" that they see the injustices (economic and otherwise) to others and, in an effort to bring those to our attention, have the personal courage to "speak out" and bring them to our attention. That leads me to question as to whether Mr. Locke prefers those injustices to continue, then attempt to cover over their consequences with what he considers "good works." The responsible individual will always first seek to prevent problems instead of allowing them to develop then having to deal with them.

Robert I. Laitres