It's Homecoming week at CHS

By Hank Lohmeyer

Students, staff, alumni, fans and friends of Cedaredge High School are well into 2015 Homecoming activities.

The excitement has been building all week. The community really gets involved on Friday when the annual homecoming parade marches through town around 1 p.m. and a pep rally gets going in Town Park afterward at around 1:30.

Everything culminates at the big game Friday night, Sept. 18, against Aspen at 7 p.m. with crowning of the king and queen at halftime.

On Saturday, students will enjoy their annual homecoming dance with a futuristic theme at the school.

According to the school, on Monday the high-spirited activities began with a caveman theme day and a school assembly focused on awkward games. A double-feature movie night followed at 6:30 featuring "The Croods" and "Back to the Future."

On Tuesday, togas were in style and a cookoff event accompanied by lawn games provided the day's energetic outlet.

Wednesday brings a "Mr. Cedaredge" contest that rides onto the school grounds astride a Western theme day. A food eating competition is also on tap.

Throwback Thursday events include a sing-off competition and a battle of flapping lips and swaying hips with a lip syncing activity.

The annual bonfire and chili cookoff are scheduled for the evening on Thursday.