It's prudent to wager on God

By Blaine R. Wells

Dear Editor:

After reading the feature article "Atheists force 50J to defend open forum," that appeared on the front page of the DCI of March 23, I wish to make this comment. This is especially directed to those who profess to be members of the Western Colorado Atheists and Freethinkers organization and "atheists" in general.

Recall the argument put forth by the famous French mathematician, scientist, and the father of modern western philosophy René Descartes (1596-1650). To paraphrase Descartes, these two statements are "mutually" exclusive events: "Either God exists or God does not exist." Now, "If God exists and we wager he does not, we lose everything. If God does not exist and we wager he does, we lose nothing. So, it would be prudent to wager God exists."

The DCI article stated the FFRF materials would "possibly" be made available to all Delta County middle and high schools students on April 1. Isn't this ironic that this is popularly known as APRIL FOOL'S DAY?

Blaine R. Wells