It's time to renew your ambulance membership

By Board of Directors North Fork Ambulance

Dear Editor:

Attention North Fork Valley residents,

Whether you are young, old, or in-between, sometimes the unthinkable happens. When it does, the North Fork Ambulance responds quickly to your emergency. The North Fork Ambulance is the only ambulance serving the North Fork area. We are not tax supported, and are supported locally, independent of government.

Without the support of our community, this service may be terminated. Send in your support to keep trained emergency medical technicians and the ambulance responding from within your community.

Accidents can happen and even healthy people get sick. Now is the time to send in your North Fork Ambulance membership! Response to our membership drive is what will keep your ambulances responding in your community 24/7/365. Our goal is 2,700 members by Dec. 17. Currently memberships received total 1,186; we are not quite halfway there.

There are three fast and easy ways to enroll:

1. By mail: Send in the membership form you received in the mail, or call our office at 872-4303 to have a form sent to you. Pay by check or credit card.

2. Call us!: It's simple. We can do the paperwork for you! You can sign up or renew your ambulance membership by calling our office at 872-4303.

3. Online: You can sign up or renew your membership online. Pay by PayPal:

The greatest benefit of your membership support is that it will keep emergency medical response time to your community as short as possible. Other benefits of membership include a 60 percent discount for those with no insurance coverage and no co-pay for those who have insurance.

Let's work together to keep this emergency service operating. Don't let the unthinkable happen in our valley; let's not lose this vital service.

Board of Directors North Fork Ambulance
Dan Miller, Bob
Sussman, Tom Mingen, Don Geddes, Larry Hughes, Clinton Clock and Chris Cox