It's up to voters to hold government accountable

By Roger W. Bentley

Dear Editor:

A special thank you to the persons of Delta County who wholeheartedly carried the message of Roger Bentley in the election effort for county commissioner District 3. Many hours were spent by numerous folks in planning, writing and distributing my message to the Republican voters in Delta County. I want to thank those who sponsored meet-and-greets throughout the campaign, and it was my pleasure to visit with the public who attended.

Every elected office needs good competitive resolve, and the voters are charged with that responsibility. The upcoming general election is of paramount importance to our county and country. I, Roger Bentley, a citizen of Delta and the United States, will continue to hold accountable government overreach locally and otherwise. I ask you to continue with me in our effort to make the residents of Delta County the primary source of the integrity of Delta County government. It is up to each of us to communicate with and challenge our commissioners because they are elected to work in the best interest of the people of Delta County.

The margin of votes in the primary should speak to Mr. Roeber as he goes forward, and I commend his victory. Working for the good of the people is the role of government.

Roger W. Bentley