Kelly Johnson attains certified journalism educator status

By Press Release

Kelly Johnson, a teacher at Delta High School, has been awarded certified journalism educator status from the Journalism Education Association.

Journalism certification requirements for educators include earning college credit in news reporting and writing, communications, law and publications advising, or passing an examination that demonstrates the educator's proficiency in those areas. By becoming certified, Johnson has achieved national recognition and joins a select group of 625 certified journalism educators who regard journalism as an academic subject.

DHS principal Derek Carlson recognizes the importance of having a qualified instructor involved in journalism/publications.

"Mrs. Johnson has dedicated an enormous amount of personal time to improving our program and providing a first-class opportunity for students," he said. "Thank you, Kelly, for your continued hard work to make us great!"

Johnson's certificate was awarded at the JEA/NSPA Fall High School Journalism Convention Nov. 16 in Orlando, Fla.