Laziness, or just lack of courtesy?

By Robert I. Laitres

Dear Editor:

What a person truly believes is not to be found in what they say, no matter how noble they claim are their objectives, but rather in what they do or don't do, something which is clearly noticeable to those who have trained themselves to observe and note minutiae. There are many such indicators but two which some of us have noted are observable in supermarket parking lots.

The first is the use of handicapped spots where some, just because they have a disability tag or plates, and although the handicapped person is not in the vehicle, will use those spots, at times forcing the real handicapped to use parking spots further distant. The second is what people do with their shopping carts, leaving them in other parking slots, when, with a minimum of effort, they could just as easily return them to the designated areas.

When seeing that, some of us wonder if such individuals consider themselves so important that they need not bother with such things as the rules apply to others but not me, lack common courtesy, or if they are just plain lazy. Of course, there is another possibility. It is that in both their upbringing and education, manners were not part of the curriculum.

Robert I. Laitres