League of Women Voters celebrates milestone

By Karen Connor

Dear Editor:

Feb. 14 marks the 96th anniversary for the national voter's rights group, the League of Women Voters. The League of Women Voters of Montrose and Delta Counties is joining 800 local, state and national league chapters this month in honoring this milestone by celebrating their rich history in the fight for voter equality, as well as pressing forward in combatting current barriers to voting rights.

The League of Women Voters of Montrose County has been in place for 29 years. In 1987 a group of Montrose area women joined together to form a League of Women Voters unit in the county. In 2010, the Delta County league merged with the Montrose County league. The local league has continued to provide voter service and educational programs to enable voters to make informed decisions at election time, and to educate the public on issues important to the well-being of their respective communities.

The league strives to challenge all efforts to limit the ability of voters to exercise their rights. Leagues support expanded early voting and online voter registration, campaign finance reform, and the regulation of "big money" in elections, and they want to instill confidence in the integrity of our democratic process and be assured that our elections are fair, free and accessible.

Our league is working to learn what local voters deem important so that programs will address their concerns as well as educate on topics that have an impact on the lives of area residents.

Anyone interested in knowing more about our league is encouraged to visit our website at http://montrose.co.lwvnet.org/ and like us on Facebook.

Karen Connor
League of Women
Voters of Montrose/
Delta Counties