Liberals have little tolerance

By Angie Many

Dear Editor:

Recently in Denver my truck was "keyed," with a deep, wide scratch down most of the rear quarter panel. I'm sure it was because of my politically conservative bumper stickers. I don't have national candidate stickers, just some that say "Where's MY bailout money?" and "Are you better off than you were $5 TRILLION ago?", etc.

Liberals are always saying that we must have "tolerance" and "support free speech." Yet that seems to apply only when people espouse liberal positions.

While I think people sporting "Hillary" stickers need some serious education, I would never consider damaging their vehicles, or even their stickers. It is almost always Republican or conservative signs that are damaged, meaning that liberals have little "tolerance" for the "free speech"of others.

The same holds true for the recent political protests. Protesters at Trump (Republican) rallies have disrupted several proceedings. The only disruptive protests at Democrat presidential candidate rallies have been at Hillary's rallies, organized by... Bernie Sanders (Democrat!) supporters!

College campuses were once considered bastions of free speech. Opinions -- whether accepted or not -- were welcomed as ways to learn more about people and ideas. Today, liberal students protest to keep conservative speakers from speaking -- and too often are successful. Why are they so afraid of diverse ideas? Evidently they think that their beliefs won't hold up to exposure or criticism.

Angie Many