Locals tour state insectary

By Shana Harness

Locals tour state insectary | Agriculture,

Photo courtesy NRCS The tour of the state insectary in Palisade included a stop in a greenhouse where noxious weeds are being raised to brood beneficial insects.

On Wednesday, Jan. 25, the Delta NRCS Field Office hosted a Palisade Insectary Tour for the Delta County Conservation District board members and employees. The neighboring office in Grand Junction attended as well.

The attendees learned about the brooding program, the partnerships between the State of Colorado Insectary and the United States Department of Agriculture. Participants also learned about the history of the program, the selection protocol of beneficial insects for biological pest and weed control and the impacts of these programs in our area.

Also under discussion was the benefit this program offers for NRCS agricultural producers and how we can work together to have a greater impact in our community.