Make sure an ambulance is ready to respond

By Press Release

In a change this year, North Fork Ambulance is mailing first class letters this month to North Fork Valley businesses and property owners asking for their support. Current North Fork Ambulance members who renew between September and December will receive a renewal letter by mail also. The board of directors felt sending letters would be a better use of funds this year, instead of blanketing the valley with a "Postal Patron" mailer, which is often thrown away.

North Fork Ambulance is the ONLY emergency ambulance response in the North Fork Valley. This ambulance service is not funded by tax dollars. Currently, only 34 percent of the valley's households support the North Fork Ambulance with a voluntary membership each year, yet EMS crews respond to 100 percent of the emergencies. In order to keep this vital service, everyone needs to be a member!

Possibly the biggest benefit of being a members is that it helps keep this ambulance ready to respond! Membership also waives your co-pay and provides a significant discount if deductibles have not yet been met or you are uninsured.

In 2016, North Fork Ambulance responded to 700 emergencies for people of all ages, in all kinds of weather, and all times of the day and night. NFA provides emergency care that often makes a lifesaving difference. The North Fork Ambulance is a nonprofit organization staffed by experienced volunteer EMTs and drivers who give over 50,000 hours of their time each year to provide this vital service.

Keep North Fork Ambulance strong. Join today! A healthy ambulance service is an essential part of a healthy community. Please sign up online at: or call 970-872-4303.