Marijuana revenue could benefit Crawford

By Jay Ziegler

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank the voters of Crawford for an excellent turnout, and I commend those of you who voted against the tax increase. As such, after six months of wasted effort, our town council is once again hosting a public hearing to discuss the town's budget deficit ... a public hearing where certain members of the public are allowed no input.

This summer, Mayor Wanda Gofforth tried to silence a voter with legal action, an act resoundingly denied by the court. Now, Wanda is using our town council to infringe upon the free speech of at least one other voter she does not like. As a business owner licensed in a booming industry in our state, it is my civic duty to suggest adding marijuana revenue to our town, as it has benefited other Western Slope towns like Gunnison, De Beque and Salida. As an American, I am astounded that our mayor is trying to silence the majority of voters in our precinct.

Amendment 64 passed in our precinct in November 2012. Perhaps our mayor could show us how she is accepting this defeat with grace and dignity.

Jay Ziegler