Mayor seeks citizens' input

By Hank Lohmeyer

Mayor Ken Volgamore has scheduled a town board work session discussion about the issues of declining town revenues, dwindling cash reserves in town budget funds, and ideas for addressing the two problems, ideas that include allowing marijuana businesses to operate in Orchard City as a means of generating tax revenue.

The work session which will be open to the public is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 1, at town hall beginning at 7 p.m. The issues are not included on the agenda for the town board's regular monthly business meeting set for Jan. 11.

Work sessions are not public hearings. Official decisions are not made at work sessions. Work session discussions may take place without allowing public input; however, the Orchard City board has routinely allowed public input at work sessions in the past.

In addition, Mayor Volgamore told the DCI that he wants to get as much input as possible from town residents on the idea of allowing marijuana business in the town in order to increase tax revenues for the general fund, road fund and water fund. The mayor said that public input is also being encouraged on any ideas for reversing the negative financial trends being experienced by town government revenues and fund balances.