Methane rule warrants support

By Mary Jursinovic

Dear Editor:

Like many landowners in western Colorado we grow hay and a large vegetable garden. It is hard work, but being outside has its rewards. For one we get to enjoy the beautiful surroundings where we are so grateful to live. That's what worries me when I read about Scott Tipton's vote to overturn regulations aimed at stopping methane pollution from oil and gas operations.

As someone who is outside a lot air quality matters to me. Methane pollution is a public health threat, and Mr. Tipton's disregard is a hard blow against common sense. Luckily the U.S. Senate can still stop this adverse rollback of environmental rules. But that means our senators, including Republican Cory Gardner, need to stand up to the polluters and stand up for Colorado clean air. Our other U.S. senator, Michael Bennet, has said he supports the BLM methane rule. But Gardner has yet to tell his constituents, the public at risk from dirty air in Colorado, where he stands.

Methane pollution from oil and gas is already a serious problem in Colorado, and one our state is a leader in addressing. But without a national rule we are at a disadvantage. Colorado deserves a level playing field and Americans everywhere deserve clean air. It's time for oil and gas operators to clean up their act when it comes to operating on the public lands. The BLM methane rule would help move us in that direction and it deserves the full support of both Colorado senators.

Mary Jursinovic