Military members are citizens too

By Patrick Dean

Dear Editor:

In response to Robert I. Laitres' letter, referencing service members contacting their senators and representatives. As a retired USAF NCO, I can say unequivocally that there is NO prohibition on them being able to contact their senators and representatives. None whatsoever. There is nothing to keep military members from participating in the political process as a citizen of the United States. There are a few rules. They can't be active participants in campaigns while in uniform, but they can if they are not in uniform. They can't run for office while on active duty, but can as a Reservist or a member of the Guard. They can't participate in rallies or gatherings benefiting a campaign, while in uniform. They can't speak out in the name of the military. The rules are few and simple, but contacting a member of Congress is by NO means prohibited!

Patrick Dean
Oklahoma City