Montessori students observe 9/11 with visit to fire station

By Press Release

Montessori students observe 9/11 with visit to fire station | Crawford, School,

Sam Johnston tries on a fire helmet.

North Fork Montessori at Crawford, a Delta County public school, observed Sept. 11 by presenting the Crawford Fire Department with a freedom quilt. The first, second and third grade students learned about the tremendous courage shown by the firefighters of New York City, on that tragic day in 2001. They learned how our local firefighters, many of whom are volunteers, keep us safe. Then, each of the 41 students made a "patch" for a "freedom quilt" to celebrate firefighters.

On Friday, Sept. 11, they walked to the Crawford Fire Department, where Ralph Clark and his crew showed them the fire trucks, uniforms and helmets that firefighters use. The students experienced what it is like to be hoisted up on a mechanical stretcher.

At the end of the day, when their teachers asked the students what they had learned, they all agreed they had not realized how incredibly brave firefighters are.

The students had a wonderful time during their visit to the fire department, but also learned that fighting fires is a very serious endeavor.