Museum displaying quilts on Saturday

By Press Release

Museum displaying quilts on Saturday | Quilt, history

A collection of donated quilts will be on display at the museum on March 18 from 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. at 180 S. 2nd Street in Hotchkiss. Admission to the museum will be free for that day. This will coincide with the S & B Quilters Cabin Fever quilt show. Space permitting, there will be over a dozen quilts displayed.

Many of the quilts are quite old and are displaying signs of age but all have interesting stories behind them. The public is invited to view these quilts from years gone by.

One of the quilts is the Rockwell quilt donated in 2009 by Dan Rockwell to honor and remember the Rockwell family. The quilt is believed to have been constructed by his great grandmother, Dora Miller and assisted by her daughter, Aileen Rockwell. Aileen was the wife of Robert Rockwell. The quilt has beautiful embroidery throughout and the lace surrounding it is possibly hand-made.

Another quilt was donated by Beulah Barrow Smith. It was made by her grandmother, Martha Barrow, and the quilt has a 1905 ribbon on it from the fair in Hotchkiss. Beulah remembered that she used this quilt as a child, especially when ill.