Never agree with another's opinion

By Bill Sutton

Dear Editor:

Thanks to Mr. Laitres for his needed and well-deserved instruction on plagiarism coupled with the illustrative example of liberalism and tolerance. Particularly appreciated was the convoluted definition of plagiarism and what it really means. I am now enlightened to learn that no one should ever be allowed to use words that have been used before by anybody without first obtaining permission from and reference to who may have read, heard, or written the words. And, for goodness sake, those of us who are not blessed to be an "independent thinker" such as Mr. Laitres claims to be, must never allow ourselves to agree with anyone else's opinion. Any agreement with such opinion without full disclosure of who may have had that opinion will be met with derision and rebuke. Please forgive me Mr. Laitres, it certainly won't happen again. It's always humbling to be taken to task by someone as intellectually endowed as Mr. Laitres.

Bill Sutton