New Red Hat chapter forms

By Press Release

New Red Hat chapter forms | Hotchkiss, Red Hat Lady Bugs

Photo submitted Margie Brungardt crowns Carole McDaniel as queen of the new Red Hat Society chapter, the Red Hat Hotchkiss Lady Bugs, at the chapter's first gathering on Feb. 9.

On Feb. 9, a new Red Hat Society chapter was founded by Margie Brungardt. Seven ladies met at the home of Carole McDaniel, who hosted a get-acquainted tea. Margie Brungardt was co-hostess.

Six of the ladies joined the new chapter. A short talk was given about the society, its beginnings, and what is expected of a red hatter. Of course the No. 1 rule is "No rules." Members were asked for suggestions for naming the new chapter, and Red Hat Hotchkiss Lady Bugs was chosen. McDaniel was chosen, crowned and robed queen, and Brungardt was chosen as vice queen.

On March 17 the chapter held another gathering at the High Tower Restaurant in Hotchkiss. Brungardt hosted the event. A wonderful lunch was served and two more ladies joined the chapter.

The Red Hatters welcome those over 50 to join the chapter; those under 50 are welcome to join as Pink Hatters.