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Saturday April 25, 2015

d08 bp1Whether they live in Montrose or Delta county, have a 323 or 874 telephone prefix, “Pea Greeners” are closely linked by their agricultural heritage. There may not be a post office, town hall or library in this community, but at Pea Green’s crossroads, there was once a school, a country store, a blacksmith shop, and a community hall.
The name “Pea Green” was first attached to the school. According to a 1963 article by Caleb Casebier, after the school building was painted a pea green color, its original name was forgotten.
Casebier’s story was headlined, “A country school closes.” It began:

d08 bp2“Saddle making is my profession,” explains E.R. “Ned” Norton of Delta.
Ned was born in Boston while his mother was earning her master’s degree in sociology. Upon her graduation, the family moved back to West Virginia and Ned spent his childhood years between West Virginia and Boston.
He began his apprenticeship in the leather making craft when he was 13, working in shops building fine driving harnesses and English saddlery.
During his summer vacations, the West became a part of his life as he accompanied his maternal grandfather, Rush Meadows, a mining engineer and geologist, on consulting trips.

d06 bp3A friendly and fun-loving group has found itself knitted together for fitness and social interaction, playing pickleball every week in Delta.
The group invites everyone regardless of age or athletic ability to drop in and try its sport — one that enhances fitness, increases well-being, really does take off pounds and keeps them off, and is hugely fun.
Steve Scott of Orchard City and his wife Sonya started playing together after seeing a notice in the paper about the program at Bill Heddles Recreation Center. They enjoy the lively social interaction of the game. Sonya says that it beats the boredom of working out on a treadmill, and other players agree with her. The knee she injured from jogging is back to normal, too.

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