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Saturday August 30, 2014

d08 bp1Photos by Tamie Meck The Conger family of Delta made big lifestyle changes and omitted gluten from their diet last year. They have lost a combined 325 pounds and counting. From left clockwise, Mari Cypress Conger, Glen Conger II, Joyce Conger, Glen Conger and Toni Conger. Toni is the only family member who hasn’t converted to a gluten-free lifestyle, but she plans to before the new year. Two years ago, the entire Conger family was overweight and feeling the negative results of eating a diet rich in processed foods, sugar, fat and salt. But none felt it more than Glen, who tipped the scale at 375-plus pounds.

d06 bp1When does a hobby become a passion? When does a passion become a way of life?

For Marion Lewis, those lines have always been ambiguous. Her hobby, her passion, her life, is all about her dogs — ­­grooming them, showing them, training them, loving them. There was never a time when dogs were simply a “hobby,” something enjoyable that fit into her spare time. Her spare time has always been what’s left after her dogs had her full attention.

d06 bp5The blue sparkle of a lake peeks out from behind the shelter of conifer trees lining the road on our drive to find a campsite on the Grand Mesa. An opening among the trees reveals a wider expanse of the blue beauty nestled in the surrounding deep green forest.

Pockets of snow dot the landscape even in late June.

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