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Thursday April 02, 2015

d06 bp1In 19th century America, women gathered around a quilt frame, pulling their needles through a handpieced quilt top, layering the top, batting and backing together with evenly spaced stitches while catching up on the happenings in one another’s lives.
Women of today have telephones, Internet, Facebook ... they’re certainly not as isolated as their ancestors, but they still enjoy connecting with friends and neighbors around a shared interest such as quilting. Out of this shared interest, the quilting bees of the 19th century evolved into today’s quilting guilds. In addition to providing opportunities for laughter and camaraderie, they’re preserving the heritage of quilting in an atmosphere of inspiration and information.

d06 bp2If you turn to a Denver television station for the 10 o’clock news, you may notice a familiar face. Karen Morfitt, a 2005 graduate of Delta High School, is a member of the CBS4 Denver news team.
The daughter of Les and Desiree Morfitt, she credits her success in broadcasting to her family, some amazing teachers and growing up in a great community.
She had no interest in broadcast journalism until a DHS technology teacher, Curt Webbe, talked her into doing a movie review for a student production called “Around DHS.” The 15-minute newscast was aired every day during lunch break. Webbe convinced her to do a movie review, something that for her was really “out of the box.” She enjoyed it so much she took on the news at the first opportunity.

d08 bp4“It is the timbre of the bells that resonates with the listener that creates the overtones so appealing to the listener,” says Debby Day, director of the Mountain Echoes Bell Choir.
“The music for bells is written like that for the piano, with high range notes progressing to low range notes through the various sizes of bells.
“The unusual sounds occur as the individual bells are rung, plucked, thumb dampened, swung, shaken, dampened on the table and struck with a mallet. The sound of the bell is silenced by the player touching it on the table or against the body,” she said.
The Mountain Echoes Bell Choir began in 1974 when a two-octave set of bells was given to Eckert Presbyterian Church as a memorial gift.  Ruth Kehmeier Phippeny was the bell choir’s first director and high school students at Eckert Presbyterian Church were the bell ringers.

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