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Monday September 22, 2014

d10 bp1Edwin Wilson is a man of many interests and many skills. He begins planning a new project as soon as he has almost completed the one currently underway.
Edwin plans a new planting project in his yard every year. He has created art in wood, accentuating the grains in the wood, and art pieces in metal. His present art projects are “steampunk”. In addition, he conceptualizes and carries out major redesigns to his house.
And he loves fishing.

d08 bp4Since deciding in 2011 to abandon a confining lifestyle she had chosen for herself and adopting Cedaredge as her home, Emily Paige Wray has become a new voice in town.
Her music career has blossomed amid friendship and like-minded fans in the community.

Emily has found a new home where she can take to the musical wings she was given by her supportive musical parents and siblings when growing up in Missouri and Texas.

d08 bp1Photos by Tamie Meck The Conger family of Delta made big lifestyle changes and omitted gluten from their diet last year. They have lost a combined 325 pounds and counting. From left clockwise, Mari Cypress Conger, Glen Conger II, Joyce Conger, Glen Conger and Toni Conger. Toni is the only family member who hasn’t converted to a gluten-free lifestyle, but she plans to before the new year. Two years ago, the entire Conger family was overweight and feeling the negative results of eating a diet rich in processed foods, sugar, fat and salt. But none felt it more than Glen, who tipped the scale at 375-plus pounds.

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