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Tuesday June 30, 2015

d06 bp8It takes someone with a big heart to have played a key role in the success of thousands of adoptive families by helping to facilitate the adoption of 1,235 kids.
For 20 years this has been the life’s work of Sandy Whitton of Cedaredge. She is working now to help complete an adoption for a Western Slope family — the final one for Sandy.
The Littlest Angels International Adoption Agency she started in 1995 will close in August when Sandy allows her state license to expire.
Speaking with Sandy at the comfortable home that she and Dick, her husband of 36 years, have overlooking south Grand Mesa, she is filled with the energy and excitement from the thousands of lives she has helped to make happier.

d08 bp4Last week the halls and courtyards at Garnet Mesa Elementary School were transformed into a marketplace in the Holy Land during the year 29 A.D. This was during the time that Jesus Christ was carrying out his ministry. Children and adults strolling about the marketplace wore flowing robes, head pieces and sandals.
Family members of six Hebrew tribes came to the marketplace from their tribal homes (which were set up in spaces in the school building).
The Zebulon Tribe came with its head of household Janeen Pullins. Gad Tribe was there with head of household Elizabeth Wilcox and Judah Tribe accompanied household head Sarah Rapp. Tribe of Dan and household head Sharon Sisson mingled in the marketplace. Household leaders Matt and Calla Kevan brought the Reuben Tribe. The Naphtali Tribe was there with head of household Carol Phelps.

d08 bp3Jim Wetzel never intended to become an author, nor did he set out to be a museum curator, but he is both.
One might expect the curator of Delta County artifacts to be a native resident, but Jim was raised in Yonkers, N.Y. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and physics, then did his graduate work at Northeastern University in Boston.
After a three-year stint in the Air Force, he landed his first job as an engineer for Raytheon in the Boston area. Twelve years later he and his wife Nancy made the move to Colorado. They started a horticulture business in Colorado Springs and for the next 10 years raised and maintained plants they sold or rented to restaurants, banks, offices and some prviate homes.

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