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Tuesday March 03, 2015

d08 bp1In a world filled with injustice, it’s easy to throw up your hands in despair. Poverty, prejudice, homelessness ... what can one individual do to ensure the rights of others?
Cheryl Chapman felt a tug  on her heart watching documentaries about human trafficking, a crime she initially associated with poor countries around the world. But as she kept her ears, and her heart, open, she realized human trafficking is also a serious — and growing — problem in the United States, the “land of the free.”

d08 bp1Robert Soby knows that success doesn’t come overnight. Soby is on a years-long journey to perfect the art of photography. His main focus: the students of North Fork Karate.
“I’ve done photography all my life, on and off,” said Soby, a self-proclaimed hobby photographer. In his youth he was in charge of the family’s movie camera, and was involved in audio visual (AV) production in high school, where he learned black and white photography and film developing.

d08 bp3There are all kinds of love stories. Some of the best stories are not the ones found on a movie screen.

They are the stories that build families, that are told and re-told around kitchen tables. They start in dance halls or church; they’re stories of young love and long-lasting love and fresh starts. Here are four real-life love stories, from four Delta area couples.

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