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Sunday December 21, 2014

d08 bp3Young Paul Suppes graduated from Olathe High School and joined the Navy.
His uncles and friends were all in service to their country, some had gone to Vietnam.
Paul found in joining the Navy his opportunity to serve.
However, his Navy career lasted five weeks. The Navy discovered Paul had high blood pressure and he was honorably discharged for medical reasons.

Paul was disappointed by the loss of this opportunity to serve, but he set about to find another avenue for service and “got the bug” to be a policeman. Not being 21 yet, he had to find things to do until he became 21.

d08 bp1There is a golden thread that runs through life.
Sometimes it’s found unexpectedly and in far away places. That is how, 13 years ago, Tony and Pat Sluski discovered what Pat calls “the golden thread of relationships” that now connects every aspect of their life together.
Tony and Pat were vacationing on Hawaii in the city of Kona. It was October, and by a completely chance encounter they became volunteers in the Ironman World Championship competition that was being held there.
It turned out to be an experience filled with fun, interesting new experiences, and excitement. Tony and Pat have been back to Kona every year since to serve as volunteers in the event.

d08 bp3The Western Slope boasts a healthy turkey population, creating exceptional opportunities for hunters. Whether searching for big game, small mammals or wildfowl, hunters know the right techniques and strategies are essential for ensuring a successful hunt. In the case of turkeys, every hunter carries his favorite call in an easily accessible pocket. When he spots a tom turkey across the valley, he pulls out the call, working the bird slowly but patiently closer.
There’s definitely an art to calling turkeys. To Steve Stortz, it only seems logical the calls should likewise be a work of art.

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