Tuesday September 02, 2014

“Chop ... at the rec” will open soon at Bill Heddles Recreation Center. The concession will be operated by Aron and Stacey Cegielski, the only individuals to respond to a city request for proposals to run the snack bar at the rec center.

They are among a handful of companies in the industry with real-world experience in planning, community engagement, design/engineering, business modeling, financing, owning and operating fiber optic, wireless and FTTH networks — and now, they will be working to implement a blueprint for broadband in the six-county area served by Region 10. NEO Fiber, a national company based in Carbondale and Glenwood Springs, has been awarded the broadband blueprint implementation project through Region 10, and will begin work immediately with local stakeholders and regional providers.

The building occupied by Consolidated Finance since September 1997 drew the attention of Isaiah St. Peter when the business ceased operations. He kicked around the idea of purchasing the vacant building for several months before closing on the property in March.

Trish Thibodo, the new director of Delta County Economic Development, brings a unique perspective to the job. She is a newcomer who sees all the possibilities Delta County has to offer, because it’s those possibilities that prompted her to relocate from the Front Range.

Young kids toting backpacks aren’t the only ones heading back to school this month. Enrollment at Delta-Montrose Technical College is also taking place, with classes scheduled to begin Aug. 21 — one day after the start of school in Delta County Joint School District #50.

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