Wednesday October 01, 2014

The Board of County Commissioners has gone on record opposing new water rules proposed by the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers that could “significantly expand federal jurisdiction” over water here.
The proposed new rules expanding federal jurisdiction over water, known as “Waters of the United States,” has been released for comment until Oct. 20.

The few oil and gas (O&G) operators in Delta County are employing modern technology, and they are doing it right, reported Bruce Bertram, local government designee (LGD), to the county commissioners last week.
“Not a lot of people actually get out there in the field and observe these (operations),” Bertram told the commissioners during his quarterly report.

According to the county treasurer’s office, the 329 real and mineral properties that have gone to advertising for delinquent tax payments this year is almost the fewest number on recent  record.
This year there are 324 real property delinquencies and five mineral property delinquencies listed in the delinquent tax notices that have been sent for publication, the treasurer’s office said.

The City of Delta has compiled results of the second annual “Make Delta Great” survey conducted in July.
Overall, citizens appear to be less pleased with city services and amenities, but the margin is so small on most questions (2 to 3 percent), city manager Justin Clifton said responses are basically unchanged.

A non-profit organization dedicated to funding breast screenings in Delta County has been forced to suspend fundraising activities due to alleged theft.
The Delta Doves were organized in November 1998 by a group of women  who saw an important need in the community.

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