Sunday October 26, 2014

a01 judgeThe Colorado Court of Appeals last week reinstated the Board of County Commissioners’ original 2011 specific development approvals for Western Slope Layers on Powell Mesa and Rocky Mountain Layers on Redlands Mesa.
The county’s approval of the two, 15,000-bird hen-and-egg operations was overruled by the 7th Judicial District Court Judge J. Steven Patrick in 2012.

That caused the Powell Mesa operation to cease production and remove its birds. The Redlands Mesa operation, though approved by the county, had not been built.

Reaction to last week’s Colorado Court of Appeals ruling in favor of the county’s approval for two egg-laying operations generally saw it as  highly favorable to all agriculture in Delta County.
The DCI attempted without success to speak with Edwin or Greg Hostetler, the two entrepreneurs who want to operate 15,000-hen egg-laying barns on Powell and Redlands mesas.

In the end, a political race boils down to numbers. The candidate with the most votes wins — it’s as simple as that.

Western Slope residents will see a drop in natural gas rates beginning Nov. 1.
According to SourceGas Distribution LLC, the annual gas cost adjustment means a decrease of $4.35 for the typical residential customer’s average bill.

A follow-up test of the county’s emergency telephone notification system is scheduled the week of Oct. 27-31.
County emergency manager Rob Fiedler explains the follow-up is needed to confirm registered number penetration from the countywide test held recently.

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